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Exciting Times

This year has already been sort of a whirlwind.  Good times.  Bad times.  Mediocre times?

At the end of January my grandfather passed away.  He passed the same day (8 years later) that my grandmother passed.  It was always a hard time of year for him but I wonder if he had that day chosen.  When I was younger I felt like my grandparents were immortal.  But then I became an adult and they all started passing.  I’m also noticing that my own parents are starting to show their age.  It’s sad to think about.  I’m sure my grandfather’s passing had an effect on me moving forward with some things in my life.

I never announced it on my blog but I started a new job in February.  It’s at the same company I’ve worked at for the past 5 years, just a new department.  Technically a transfer but in my eyes it’s a promotion.  :)

Sean and I are also shopping for a house.  We are both first time home buyers so it’s an exciting decision for both of us.  We signed with a buyers only Realtor (I know, I didn’t know they existed either until I did some research) and chose a mortgage company and got pre-approved.  Now we’re into the fun (and stressful) part which is finding our new home.  Tomorrow we are doing drive bys of potential houses we’ve found online.  Then in a couple weeks we will do a bunch of home viewings with our Realtor.  We’ll probably end up on the west side, which is what it is, not the best but there’s things in life we don’t want to sacrifice for a mortgage payment.

We also adopted our kitty (see previous post).  She’s kind of been an asshole lately.  But we still love her.

In a couple weeks we’re also taking our first vacation together.  It’s really only a long weekend but since we’ve never been out of state just the 2 of us in our 3+ years of dating… it’s a vacation.  :)  I’m looking forward to baseball, seafood, and relaxing!  If only I could take my kittay with me.  :(

and 3 months later!

I have a cat now.  Her name is Sia.  She’s beautiful, stubborn, playful, and loyal.  She is currently upset because she has no toys to play with.  She has no toys to play with because she hides them all in various places around the apartment.  We bought her the bed because she liked squeezing into things and sticking her head out.  Turns out that only applied to reusable grocery bags and cardboard boxes.  This is the only time I’ve ever seen her in the bed… possibly because I forced her into it.

Eskimo Sia welcomes you to this blog


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