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20 pounds lost and a pair of pants found

I started actively trying to lose weight in February of this year and I am pleased to announce I finally hit my 10% weight loss goal.  I am now 20 pounds lighter than I was 4 months ago.

Losing an average of 1 pound a week was definitely frustrating.  In my mind I was thinking I was failing.  In reality consistently losing weight, no matter how slow, is pretty awesome.  Awesome.  Awesome.  Awesome.  I need to keep telling myself that because I get down on myself too much.  I also found a pair of pants that I can wear now that I couldn’t 4 months ago… possibly a year ago.

Yes, I still look at myself and think I’m fat.  I’m still depressed about how I look even after the 20 pounds.  It’s an every day and what feels like an every minute struggle.  I think about my weight constantly throughout the day.  It’s exhausting to feel that bad about yourself.  My friend gave me some advice last week.  She told me I need to find my journey.  Granted she’s religious so she was comparing it to finding a journey with God.  But it’s not bad advice, even for us non-religious folks.  I need to find my journey in life and focus on that instead of spending all my brain cells focusing on my fatness.

Obviously a great idea in theory except I’m finding it hard to find it.  So for right now I’m going to focus on going through my closet to find some more pants.

Hello My Name Is…

My email was hacked.  First time in 12+ years of knowing about the internet (thanks Al Gore) that this has happened.  The worst part of it, minus the twenty some messages of “did you get hacked?”, was that I revel in making fun of people who get hacked.  Your Facebook account got hacked and you just posted a zillion wall posts linking me to a way to enlarge my penis?  Hilarious!!  Wait, I can now spot every one of your friends that were “curious” about enlarging their penis (Aunt Mable?!… you so crazy girl!) because they now have this link on their wall too?  Even more hilarious!!  I categorize people into 2 categories, those that are dumb and get hacked and those that are not.  I am not proud of where I now fall.  Also, yes, I got a virus from watching too much porn.  Don’t give me that look.  Al Gore invented the internet for porn.  Now that I’ve got that out of the way…

Hello my name is Laura.  This is my 4th, no 6th, no 20th blog attempt.  This is my first paid blog attempt.  No kids, no mortgage, no student loans hanging over my head… what’s the point in working full-time at an entry level job with no chance of advancement due to lack of college education if I can’t spend $17 a year on another failed blog.  My only regret is wasting all my life not going to college.  j/k.  Your mom goes to college.  My only regret is wasting all my life using stupid internet usernames.  When I think back to my very first username, clevergirl15 btw, I’m filled with anger and shame.  I could have scored Laurasaurus when I was 14 years old.  I liked dinosaurs back then and I’d been fully committed to the name Laura for almost 12 years.  Instead some other Laura who likes dinosaurs snagged it before me.  What are the odds?  At least that Laura is poor or cheap so I snagged the domain name and had to take thelaurasaurus for my username.  The second I get a hold of a time machine I’m going back to 14 year old me and taking laurasaurus minus the “the” and then I’ll do other things, patriotic things… yet to be determined.

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