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First yard work of 2013

Cleared out the flower beds in the fall after we moved.  A few tulips but mostly weeds were the only survivors.

Cleared out the flower beds in the fall after we moved. A few tulips but mostly weeds were the only survivors.

Took me awhile but got most of the flower beds cleared of weeds.  This weeding tool is amazing.

Took me awhile but got most of the flower beds cleared of weeds. This weeding tool is amazing.


Fuzband mowing the lawn for the first time this year with the new lawnmower.  Ovi he's having a blast!

Fuzband mowing the lawn for the first time this year with the new lawnmower. Ovi he’s having a blast!

Close up on the tulips

Close up on the tulips

Pretty, pretty

Pretty, pretty

The girls trying to escape

The girls trying to escape

Bucket list?

I turn 30 in 2014 and I’m thinking about making a 30 before 30 bucket list.  Should I start it now or wait until I turn 29?  I already have some ideas of what I’m putting on my list.  I remember a site my friend Natasha Show introduced me to years ago called 43 Things.  I stopped using it a long time ago.  Does anyone still use it?  How quickly I grow tired of things on the internet.  Myspace, LJ, AIM… all things I used to use constantly and now they are a distant memory.

I felt a little ill when I got home from work today.  My heartburn was flaring up and I was in a general mopey mood.  Normally on days like this I would plop myself on the couch and not move the rest of the evening.  Today I forced myself to treadmill and I feel much better.  Good enough to update my blog anyway.  I made a basketball bracket with some people and won some money so I’m using the winnings to purchase some exercise equipment.  I’m getting an exercise floor mat (the basement is concrete and not fun to hit my knees on), a medicine ball, and some resistance bands.  I’m slowly building myself a nice workout area.  I already have the punching bag (which I love!) and a dumbbell set.  I also have the treadmill although it’s in the dungeon aka the office.  I wish we had put it in the basement because I doubt I’m ever going to get it down there now since it’s so heavy.  I’m also interested in getting a balance ball.  Has anyone purchased one?  Upon reading reviews people say that it takes forever to pump them up with the air pump provided.  Not sure if it would be worth buying a separate pump or not.  Maybe with all my stuff I’ll have workout parties at my house!  :)

I just finished reading Silver Linings Playbook.  It was good.  I saw the movie before I read the book.  I really enjoyed the movie…maybe more than the book.  Is that weird?  I’m looking for my next reading material.  I kind of want to re-read Hunger Games since the promo for the new movie just came out and I’m excited.  I’m also thinking about Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling.  What are you reading?


Most of the day I thought about my weight and how none of my spring/summer clothes from last year fit me.  I thought about how in 3 months I’ll be flying to Seattle and I don’t want to feel bad about myself while on vacation.  I decided today was the day I would stop complaining and do something about it.  I got home from work around 3:50pm, changed my clothes, got on the treadmill, and jogged intermittently for the first time in over a year.  I don’t know why I decided to run today because I would have been happy with just walking and doing any physical activity.  I just have this memory of being the happiest I’ve ever been when I worked myself up to being able to run a 10 minute mile.  Some of you that are runners might scoff and think that only a mile is dumb…but for me it was one of the best accomplishments I had because I worked at it for a long time and finally achieved it.  Of course after getting to the mile, I could run 2 or 3 easily and I felt amazing.

So at 4pm I was embarking on a journey to get myself back in shape and get myself back to that mile marker.

I wasn’t aware yet that 4pm in Boston explosions were going off at the finish line of the Boston marathon.  My thoughts are with everyone affected by this tragedy.  We don’t know yet why it happened or who.  I just can’t wrap my mind around someone wanting to injure or kill people that are celebrating an amazing accomplishment.  People that are there to support and celebrate years of hard work, sweat, pain, sheer will to do and be apart of something great.

So very sad.


Happy Easter

It’s 1am and I am not tired.  I’m blaming the McDonald’s coke and the Excedrin migraine I consumed 9 hours ago.

Remember livejournal?  My boyfriend randomly mentioned it and it made me go see if anyone was still using the site.  They are not.

The Buckeye basketball team lost today.  Sports are a funny thing.  I really love watching (not playing) sports and I don’t have a logical explanation why.  It’s a time suck hobby with zero benefit other than making me crazy disappointed/angry/sad, clearly nothing good comes from it.  Maybe if I had loyalties to better teams/cities, my life would be happier.  Instead I spend at least an hour daily complaining about how much my teams suck and then complaining about the media saying my team sucks.  *sigh*

I bought this Fitbit scale because the cats played on my old one and it broke.  My boyfriend talked up this Fitbit one because it sends my weight and bmi and what not to my computer or smart phone so I got excited about it and overspent on a scale.  He went to set it up and it requires a wireless adapter.  So of course I got irrationally angry and wanted to return it.  Instead it’s sitting in the dining room and will probably be there for another year and I’ll end up buying a different scale online.  Geeze, I’m so lazy.

Happy Easter, if that’s your thing.  I have no plans for tomorrow (or today rather).  No food planned.  No activities outside of going to the hockey game in the evening.  Just a lazy day.

Sia's 2nd favorite spot while I'm blogging.  Her 1st favorite spot is on top of my pc which I generally discourage.

Sia’s 2nd favorite spot while I’m blogging. Her 1st favorite spot is on top of my pc which I generally discourage.




Mommy wake up! I don’t care that it’s a Sunday morning and you want to sleep in. I’m hungry!!!


I normally buy pre-packaged trail mix but then decided I could make that myself. Turns out I also have no concept of quantity because I have enough to feed a small army. Breakfast for the next month.


Human that feeds me when I whine, go away! Can’t you see I’m hiding.

I opened the window to let the beautiful sun in.  Lily was enjoying it while Sia chose to be a vampire.

I opened the window to let the beautiful sun in. Lily was enjoying it while Sia chose to be a vampire.


My Sia rubbing it in that while I have laundry to do, she gets to play all day.

Has it really been this long?

I emailed my best friend this morning and the first thing I said was… Can you believe it’s almost November?

Seriously, where has this year gone?  I know I’ve been busy.  February I started a new job.  March-June was spent house hunting with a short trip to Baltimore, MD mixed in.  July-September was spent painting, unpacking, cleaning, shopping for furniture, and all those little things involved with the purchase of a home.  Now it’s mid-October and I’m like…did I just spent an entire year on home buying activities?  I guess the year is coming full circle because next week I start another new job.

I feel like my life right now is work and chores…with some television watching in between.  I’m kind of lame.  I’m also really thrilled with where my life is right now.

I do want to get some photos of my house posted BUT I’ve been reluctant to take any because even though I’ve been living here 3 months, the place is still a mess.  I want to think every time I have someone over they will notice that it’s slowly improving, even if I can’t tell it’s improving.  I’m still the neighbor that keeps my front curtains completely closed due to embarrassment at how my dining room looks.  Beggars Night is in a couple weeks so hopefully that will give me some motivation.

SJ just got home and I need to go buy a Happy Boss’s day card for my boss.  Last year for a late night gift run as next year my team will be buying one for me.  Again, pretty sweet how this year has gone.


Exciting Times

This year has already been sort of a whirlwind.  Good times.  Bad times.  Mediocre times?

At the end of January my grandfather passed away.  He passed the same day (8 years later) that my grandmother passed.  It was always a hard time of year for him but I wonder if he had that day chosen.  When I was younger I felt like my grandparents were immortal.  But then I became an adult and they all started passing.  I’m also noticing that my own parents are starting to show their age.  It’s sad to think about.  I’m sure my grandfather’s passing had an effect on me moving forward with some things in my life.

I never announced it on my blog but I started a new job in February.  It’s at the same company I’ve worked at for the past 5 years, just a new department.  Technically a transfer but in my eyes it’s a promotion.  :)

Sean and I are also shopping for a house.  We are both first time home buyers so it’s an exciting decision for both of us.  We signed with a buyers only Realtor (I know, I didn’t know they existed either until I did some research) and chose a mortgage company and got pre-approved.  Now we’re into the fun (and stressful) part which is finding our new home.  Tomorrow we are doing drive bys of potential houses we’ve found online.  Then in a couple weeks we will do a bunch of home viewings with our Realtor.  We’ll probably end up on the west side, which is what it is, not the best but there’s things in life we don’t want to sacrifice for a mortgage payment.

We also adopted our kitty (see previous post).  She’s kind of been an asshole lately.  But we still love her.

In a couple weeks we’re also taking our first vacation together.  It’s really only a long weekend but since we’ve never been out of state just the 2 of us in our 3+ years of dating… it’s a vacation.  :)  I’m looking forward to baseball, seafood, and relaxing!  If only I could take my kittay with me.  :(

and 3 months later!

I have a cat now.  Her name is Sia.  She’s beautiful, stubborn, playful, and loyal.  She is currently upset because she has no toys to play with.  She has no toys to play with because she hides them all in various places around the apartment.  We bought her the bed because she liked squeezing into things and sticking her head out.  Turns out that only applied to reusable grocery bags and cardboard boxes.  This is the only time I’ve ever seen her in the bed… possibly because I forced her into it.

Eskimo Sia welcomes you to this blog


Why hello again!

A new year.  A new resolution to write in my blog.  How long will it last?

I’ve been thinking about writing for a few months now but every time I try, nothing interesting comes out.  I guess now I’m content to write about the uninteresting and see where it leads.

I had some free time tonight (in between gawking at Paul Rudd’s awesome dance moves and trying to remember my career history to start my resume) and visited my favorite Feminism blog.  I came across this gem which makes me sad for the future of the United States.  On a side note, my boyfriend just asked me if I love Paul Rudd.  Really Sean?  Really?  Back to the point of this paragraph, more Paul Rudd dancing!

This is really sad.  There are a lot of Asian slurs and racist comments made in jest that we’ve sort of learned to accept in every day life but they are hurtful and it IS racism.  I’m glad that his family pushed for an investigation.  I read an opinion piece about how Asian-Americans should want to serve in the military because it’s public service and the rest of the country would accept us as Americans for it.  How about the “rest of America” let us do whatever we want because we ARE Americans and shouldn’t have to prove it.

Well except me.  I just pretend to be American to steal your jobs and women.

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